Become a Volunteer

To maintain a website like this and to make sure that contents are up to date, it would not be possible without the help of another.

We aim to connect all the Catholic Churches in the World and provide the most accurate information, Guides, Mass Schedules, and Social Media Links.

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough volunteers who can gather and/or encode data especially information outside of the website origin which is the Philippines.

If you are reading this now, it means you are interested to become a Volunteer. Below are the criteria, tasks and exchange deals for our future Volunteers.


We do not require much, but of course, you should be a devoted Roman Catholic and can communicate in English. It is important to us so we can build our own community group of Volunteers.

Each volunteer would have access to the portal where he/she can encode the data needed. If not a techy person, we provide tutorials. We make it easy so anyone in the world could get into it as Volunteers.


  • Data Research and Gathering

  • Encoding of the Catholic Churches

  • Update pages to provide the most accurate data needed

  • You can commit a specific area that you will cover. For example, you want to cover all the Catholic Churches under a preferred City or a preferred Diocese, then you will be responsible to research and complete that.

  • Be responsible for the data that you input. We do not allow self-promotions on the pages you add. Contents will be validated and checked by Admins to make sure that we are committed to our promise – “To provide a one-stop information guide”.


Of course, there are no promised monetary deals on becoming a Volunteer. But, if someone donates for a cup of coffee, we will surely equally distribute it to each volunteer as gratitude for contributing time and effort to update this website.

When you Became a Volunteer, we have 3 exchange deals for you.

  1. Your name will be featured in our About page. We can add the things you want people to know about you. If you choose to be Anonymous, then it is totally fine. But this section of the page is where you can introduce much of yourself.

  2. You will be part of our Exclusive Private Facebook Group where we can share ideas, faith and collaborate easily. It would also be a room for us to build a community.

  3. Network and Connections that we can both used for the common good.

Interested to Join?

If you got questions or interest, let’s CONNECT via Facebook Messenger .