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Catholic Mass Online is a collaboration effort dedicated to serving Christ by providing a one-stop information guide of location, church info, mass schedules, services, contact info and it’s social media resources.

The MISSION is to connect Catholic Churches around the world in this network and provide great value for whatever purpose this website may serve.


Why We Did, What We Did?

When I met a friend who became a prayer buddy, we both discover that we both love to travel. At the same moment, we both loved to explore different Catholic Churches. We had this time of the year where we attended Catholic Mass in different Catholic Churches.

It became our Sunday routine to explore one Catholic Church. We got to know more about the history of the Church. And most especially, we’ve been in love more of the Catholic Mass.

When I decided to build this kind of connection, another friend who has been a missionary outside the Philippines, who also experienced Catholic Mass in different Country, told me to make this connection around the world.

And so, this website is born.

We may not visit all the Catholic Church in the World, but hoping through this connection, we can all visit the Catholic Church in the World virtually.


“We can’t have all that we desire, but God will give us all that we deserve.”


God Bless You Always!

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Thank you for these volunteers who collaborate with us to make this site successful!


Thank you for these contributors who submitted entries to share the contents in the whole world.